♿️ When accessibility meets product development we all win

Nike recently launched a new hands-free shoe. The original concept was designed for adaptive athletes but when they were developing it, they realized that this could become a great shoe for everyone.

Nike GO FlyEase Shoes Demo
Nike GO FlyEase shoes

Thanks to my last 3 years of work on Google Assistant (Hey Google) I’ve learned a lot about accessibility (you never stop learning).

It’s fascinating to remember that also voice commands, that were initially used as accessibility features for users with disabilities, are now used by millions of users everyday both at home and on the go.

Most of the time, the best accessible solutions can end up being the best for everyone.

Well done Nike and welcome to the hands-free crew! 👋

An internal Google Project about accessibility that I love is Project DIVA by Lorenzo Caggioni. Lorenzo wanted to make it possible for his younger brother Giovanni, who is non-verbal, to use the Google Assistant. Thanks to this idea we started develop even more ways to make Google Assistant more accessible. Check the video below it’s heartwarming!

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Alessandro Cannas

Alessandro Cannas

🌀 Growth Marketing Manager at Google · Studied Management at Bocconi University · Worked as Photojournalist in Italy. Writes about Tech, Marketing & more.