Dear Prof. Harari…

Dear Prof. Harari,

I just finished watching your interview on “60 minutes” and I wanted to thank you: I really needed 60 minutes full of cynical pessimism about the future of technology.

You are arguably the most influential philosopher and historian of our times. In your 3 books, Homo Sapiens, Homo Deus, 21 lessons for the 21st century you fascinated and frightened us by describing a dystopian future where at the center of everything there will be evil algorithms that will manipulate us.

Professor, you are as good at shooting sentences as you are good at avoiding suggesting alternative solutions. Today I’ve watched 60 minutes of problems with very few solutions. I expected something more from you.

You are a dividing figure: there are those who agree with you and get indignated or desperate. And there are those who, like me, appreciate you very much because you make us reflect, you invite us to inform ourselves and encourages us, thanks to some absurdities you write, to imagine a future different from what you imagine.

Prof. Harari, although I disagree with you on almost everything I want to express my gratitude for your work. Provoking reactions and stimulating opinions, as well as frightening people, is perhaps one of the greatest contributions you are making.

Good job professor, I can’t wait to read your dystopian prophecies on the metaverse, decentralized economy and quantum computing.





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Alessandro Cannas

Alessandro Cannas

🌀 Growth Marketing Manager at Google · Studied Management at Bocconi University · Worked as Photojournalist in Italy. Writes about Tech, Marketing & more.