Delta Air Lines CEO keeps on calling the Delta variant with its scientific name: B.1.617.2

The below is a personal blog post and it’s not connected to any company mentioned.

What the Delta CEO just did it’s a good example of how to protect your brand name and show consistency no matter what.

COVID Company and Delta Airlines

Imagine one day you go to bed after a long CEO-busy day and you wake up the day after discovering that the entire world started to call the latest COVID variant with your company name. What would you do?

I would do what they did and I’d keep on calling the delta variant B.1.617.2!

Let’s imagine another scenario now:

You are the CEO of an innovative manufacturing company based in Arizona called: COVID and your website is “”.

What would you do?

First things first, I would try to boost the speed of my mobile website and then think about how to improve my e-commerce. Every business should do that!

Delta Memo here:

COVID Company from Arizona website:

Tool to test your site speed:



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Alessandro Cannas

Alessandro Cannas

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