Is it ‘Marketer’ or ‘Marketeer’?

I am working on a new series of articles called:

What a Market**r can learn from X?

Since I have to pick which way of Market*r to use. Also being a Market*r myself I need to decide how do I want to be called. This is a real “Social Dilemma

I started the research and this is what I’ve discovered:


According to Cambridge:

Marketer is:

A person or company that markets goods (= makes them available in a way that encourages people to buy them, for example by advertising):

Marketeer is:

someone who works in marketing


e 1 point | ee 1 point

According to Collins

Marketer is:

someone whose job involves marketing.

Marketeer is:

is the same as a marketer.

e 2 points | ee 1 point

LinkedIn Search

I’ve searched on LinkedIn what term is more common.

Marketeer: About 286,000 results

Marketer: About 883,000 results

e 3points | ee 1 point

Investigations done by others

Also other people run some investigations and they landed on Marketer.

So the winner is Marketer.

Photo by Karine Germain on Unsplash



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Alessandro Cannas

Alessandro Cannas

🌀 Growth Marketing Manager at Google · Studied Management at Bocconi University · Worked as Photojournalist in Italy. Writes about Tech, Marketing & more.